Funny Whatsapp Status of 2021: Choose Some Best Whatsapp Status For Your Wall

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Funny Whatsapp Status of 2021

Funny Whatsapp Status of 2021: Sometimes you need to get funny to impress people. WhatsApp is now a high-rank social media, which is so much popular among all generation peoples.

That’s why you need to be more attractive here. See all this status so that you can impress person by person either your father, sister or your girlfriend.

At first, see our top 20 funny WhatsApp status :

1. If one day I will achieve a prize for laziness, I will send someone to pick it up for me.
2. Whenever I am stuck in a problem I become start singing. Then I realize that my singing voice was worse than my problem.
3. Not laugh at your wife’s choices, remind you’re a choice of her.
4. Sometimes I also feel upset why I’m not an octopus. Then I could slap eight people in a row or at once.
5. I’m so skinny that, my medical student sister count my bones when she gets stuck in giving me viva.

6. If the husband is ahead of a body, then the wife is the neck. She can easily move her head, wherever she wants to do.
7. My Prince charming is not coming over a horse … He is coming on a turtle, maybe confused somewhere.
8. Never try to make yourself normal. That’s how you will never know that how amazing you are.
9. Life is too short and don’t waste it by reading my status.
10. Please give a good amount of lone and then live me alone.

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11. My haters are doing their job as my motivators.
12. Confuse them first to convince them. Play with brain
13. If nothing is going right of yours, please go left.
14. Don’t try to shutdown me, my task manager does not listen to yours, it listens to mine.
15. Never be so open-minded, one day your brain can come out from there.
16. Wise people’s loved being alone. You will find a weak man in a crowd.

17. Most of the stress these days have come from sitting and bargaining with fool people.
18. If scientists now declare that our brain is an app, then people will start using it.
19. Once upon a time, Bill Gates says that I will prefer to give a hard job to a lazy person. He/she will find it easy to do in a short method.
20. Maybe that’s why I don’t want to walk in your opinion because I’m smart enough to choose my own.
21. Maybe I’m grown up a lot, that’s why you’re telling me that I’m changed.
22. A man is always rewarded for using his brain, not for he has that brain.

23. If someone is hating you without reason they give them a specific reason for doing it efficiently.
24. Don’t insult anyone, just tell them who they are and where they are.25. I can be your friend in one condition, give me the permit to insult you daily.
26. Whatever you did in your past, make a mistake. Everyone will come to judge you.
27. Don’t follow my path, I don’t know where I’m going and what is my destiny
28. Hello please, I was born to express, not to impress everyone.

29. It’s okay to not listen to my words, I will not force you to maintain the right path.
30. If they are talking from the back of yours, don’t be upset, you’re the one who is standing in front.
31. I can expect foolishness from those illiterate, but why do you become stand on their line.
32. I can agree with you, but we will be both wrongs later.
33. The future depends on dreaming about what you see or have, so don’t waste time and go to sleep.
34. Never follow all rules, you will miss all funs you have to enjoy.

Funny Whatsapp Status Of 2021: Impress Everyone With Status
Among this funny Whatsapp status, we will find some status to motivate you

35. I’m the king of my regime, I know how to rule myself.
36. I don’t like to follow others rules, I only follow my direction, because I’m the boss of myself.
37. I wish if I can achieve the knowledge of a 90 year age, a body of 20 years age and energy of 3 year age.
38. My wallet is so similar to an onion, when I open it, It makes me cry.

39. Some people deserve a high five. In the face and also with a five-stand chair.
40. I am not a failure. I tried one thousand which will not work in the future.
41. Once my boss said to me that have a good day. I return to my home and slept again. 42. Open an option in olx for the brain. My brain is for sale, Note: not working, but have a good condition. Note: not working, but have a good condition.

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43. Don’t trust everything you see, sugar and salt are looking so similar.
44. God if you can’t make me fat, then please make my friends skinny too.
45. Some people are so similar to the clouds if they don’t exist, life becomes brighter than before.

46. I smile always because I don’t know what is going on with my time and life.
47. I noticed that when I become open-minded and start talking they said me to stop. But when I make me quiet, they ask me that why I’m quiet.
48. I wish that May Allah give more ages to my haters so that they can check out my success.
49. My journey of success is always under construction.

50. My brain says to me that patience, please! But heart reply that, from when?
51. Don’t worry to wear anything any day, the most important thing is to go your smile on your cloth and face.
52. Happiness has not any price, so don’t be afraid to laugh anytime.
53. If ever I get money from my clothes, then it’s a kind of gift to myself from mine.
54. When I will die, I wish that please connect free Wi-Fi over my tomb, so that people will visit me regularly.

55. Note that: Your best friend also can forget you after he/she goes into a relationship.
56. Don’t think that I’m single, I’m emotionally challenged.
57. It’s so difficult to sleep at night and wake up in the morning from sleep.
56. Wanna see a smart person, look at the mirror in front of yours.
57. I wish I have the magic power of mute and vanish some people.
58. Try to follow “True to yourself” because you can live by lie others but can’t live by telling lies yourself.

59. I also try to lose weight but I don’t want to lose anything
60. Not laugh at your partner’s choices. You’re also the person of his/her choice.
61. Make a lot of experience, so that you can gain the idea that you need to come on that way or not.
62. Rumors are great. You will be able to hear something new about yourself.
63. Before going to make you a two-face person, make sure one of them is pretty.
64. Hey there, Whatsapp is using me!

65. Want to know a secret ??? Yes, I’m talking to you. You’re so beautiful more than you think.
66. If you want to say something tell me on my face don’t show it by your status.
67. Wherever you learn this stupidity, I was the principal of this institution.
68. If anyone can talk with you about someone’s ignominy then they can make ignominy of yours too.
69. Don’t feel upset to fail about plan A, there remain 25 letters to execute.
70. You’re a parent till you have one child, you will become a referee after you got two children.

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