Green tea shot recipe: Which has no actual tea! Now, what is actually made with and how ingredients put on that ??

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Green Tea Shot Recipe With 5 Suitable Ingredients -Take Shot

The green tea shot recipe mostly resembles kamikaze. But the Green tea shot recipe has far more tasty and refreshing than Kamikaze.

The green tea shot recipe has become very popular at parties and other occasions.

Let’s see for more information below!!

Tea has become very well known for many decades. The public prefers to take tea in usually and occasionally too!! Most Asian countries prefer to drink tea as a part of snacks.

They take tea in the time of evening or relaxing. They also believe that drinking tea can help them to release stress and anxiety. Well, there’s a lot of facts and myths related to that!

Tea has become one of the prominent drinks in the world. For many decades the British have started this chain to drink tea or something like mineral.

Which is tasty and refreshing too. After many decades people have become used to drink tea.

What is the green tea shot recipe?

The green tea shot recipe is mainly an amazing shot that is refreshing. This shot can be served to the guest at a dinner party as it is very tasty and brighter.

There’s not anything vivid in this beverage. It took many simple ingredients to make it. The beverage is so simple but yet so cool that you will love it anyway!

The green tea shot has got beautiful light yellowish colour and fruitful flavour which matches with kamikaze.

Kamikaze has a powerful Vodka taste but on the other hand, green tea shot has that mellow taste. It flavours like a summer cocktail rather than a shot.

It is primarily created with four vital ingredients. It’s known as Whisky based cocktail.

Here are the four ingredients…

Sour mix
Jameson Irish whiskey
Lemonade or sprite you can use
Peach schnapps

The green tea shot has a sweet flavour and is peachy. Though those who don’t like peach schnapps shouldn’t try it I must say. Though those who like it can go for it undoubtedly.

What is tea?

Tea mainly comes from tree leaves. Which names tea tree. There are many biggest farms for that. The planter works there and plucks it whenever it becomes ready to make tea.

After that, they clean the leaves very prominently using machines. As there are many huge factories to make tea. After cleaning it, it goes to dry. The leaves should be properly dry to prepare tea.

After drying it in sun, it moves to the machine where tea leaves get ready. The manufacturer prepares it in a packet of many weights.

After that, Suppliers supplies the packets to many companies for sale and making money. They again manufacture it with their company label and Quality.

Later it goes to all types of stores, shops where people buy and use it in tea.

What do you think? Is it made with actual tea?
For people kind information, there’s no actual green tea uses in the green tea shot recipe. The green tea shot has been named especially for its yellowish colour like green tea.

A green tea shot has not have much of that nutrients or anything. But it will surely make you feel refreshing. Green tea has many things that are really needed for health. Green tea shot just consider for fun to drink!

Kinds of tea in the world

There are several kinds of tea are available in the world. As it is mineral and budget-friendly. People love it very much. Also, it is healthy and refreshing too. Here is some tea…

Regular tea-

Regular tea means that made with milk. It’s very famous in Asian countries. They like to have it in their free time or snacks time.

It contains tea, milk powder or liquid milk, water and sugar. Some also add spices like clove, cinnamon and others to make it tastier.

Raw tea-

Raw tea is known as a beverage. It contains tea leaves, spices, water and sugar. People love it as Raw tea helps to clear soar throat, cold and cough.

Ginger tea-

Ginger tea is made with ginger and tea leaves. Ginger has so many qualities that help in many areas. Ginger tea helps to get the mind refreshed.

Lemon tea-

Lemon tea has mainly made with lemons. Surprisingly there are no tea leaves are added to this tea. It’s made with lemon, sugar, water and some spices. It tastes so good and refreshing. People sometimes consume it as a beverage.

Raspberry tea-

Raspberry tea has the main ingredient that is raspberry. It comes in a colour of pink and tastes sweet. It feels like juice after taking it.

Green tea-

Green tea has one of the best beverages in the world. It has so many good things that enable to function the body properly. Green tea has become renowned for its qualities and taste.

Green tea enables to strengthen the body and mind. It helps to weigh lose and decrease body fat. There’s a famous beverage named from it. Which is the “ Green tea shot recipe”.

Which ingredients use for the green tea shot recipe

• Jameson whisky- Jameson whisky is a very good brand for whisky. It’s mainly known for its taste and texture. Jameson whisky increases the green tea shot taste far better than another whisky.

You can use any other brand of whisky. Jameson whisky was mainly suggested because it was made by Jameson whisky company.

• Sour mix- Sour mix is like a cocktail mix. As lemon and lime juice gets an equal amount in the juice with some syrup. Adding ice cubes with it make it more feels like a cocktail. You can get it from any random liquor store.

• Peach schnapps– peach schnapps predominantly uses for it’s sweet and sugar taste. It is also a cocktail mix that has a fruity flavour.

• Lemonade– I prefer to use sugar-free lemonade or soda because it has already that much sugar. If you want more sugar or sweety taste, you can go for sprite and it will also give you some little fizz.

How to make a green tea shot recipe

You should firstly make a list of green tea shot recipes… You will also need shaker and ice cubes.

Firstly, put the balanced amount of whiskey and peach schnapps in a shaker and shake them well.

 Put ice cubes in the shaker, close the lid and extremely do the shake.

After that, pour the shake into the shot glasses and garnish it with some lemonade or sprite.
There you go for a refreshing green tea shot!!!

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