Kazi Asma Azmeri: To whom the world is an open courtyard.

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Kazi Asma Azmeri
Kazi Asma Azmeri is the one to whom the world is like an open courtyard. She has magical powers. And there is the sea of dreams. This woman has subdued the world by floating her dreams. So far it has set foot in 115 countries.  

How is that possible?

She is a woman! She has a green passport! Both stood as walls against world travel. This report is about Kazi Asma Azmeri because she was able to cross those walls. 

Crossing the walls of society and reality is not easy. Again, if you want from the heart, it is not very difficult. It was not difficult in the case of Azmeri. Because his eyes were opened. She saw the world with open eyes. And left footprints.  

The reality of Bangladesh says it is impossible! 

Yes, Asma was told the same thing by the mother of one of her friends.

The time was 12 years ago. At that time Asma’s eyes were like those of other eight or ten. He saw everything that everyone could see. But as everyone thought. She thought in a slightly different way. 

Asma’s insistence was kind of exaggerated. And there was great agility. However, neither of them could impress the personality. Father Kazi Golam Kibria is an established businessman. Mother Kazi Shahida Ahmed comes from an aristocratic family. Their first child is Asma. There is a younger brother.  

A tidy family of parents and two children. The beginning of Asma’s life was very tidy. Passed HSC from Khulna Women. She completed her BBA from East South University and her MBA from Eastwest.

If you look at academic education and family history, Asma is supposed to be a businessman. But She is a traveller. 



Kazi Asma Azmeri...




She opened his eyes and saw the world as a courtyard. Made the impossible possible. 

Asma visited Thailand in 2006. It was a routine trip, just like any others. She still did not think of travelling the world. 

One day She heard that a friend of his had travelled to 28 countries. Many people came to see that friend. Asma also went. When She met a friend returning from a trip, he too was overwhelmed with emotion. She said, “I will go to see the world.” The friend’s mother heard that. She told Asma in very harsh language, it is not possible for a woman. 

Asma is a self-willed girl. Couldn’t take it easy. She insisted that one day She would go to see the world. But these pressures cannot be nurtured for long. It blends in with the other realities. The same thing happened with Asma. 

So how did She become a traveller? 

Now know from Kazi Asma Azmeri, ‘My thoughts changed while visiting Nepal. That was in 2009. My body and mind were upset. The doctor advised changing the air. Many people choose Nepal to change the weather. I took that too.’



Kazi Asma Azmeri...



After that?

Azmeri said, ‘I changed the air and changed myself. The incident happened within an hour. I rented a helicopter from Kathmandu to visit Everest. 

When the helicopter flew over the head of the Himalayas, I thought I had come out of the well. I was stuck for so long. I was stuck on the social wall. But the world is sitting for me, with an open courtyard. With so many unknowns. Then there was a strong desire to see the world. I decided to fly the helicopter over the head of the Himalayas and see the world.’

After returning from Nepal, Kazi Asma Azmeri sold her jewellery. Go out to the open courtyard with that money. That started, still going on.

Now She is in New Zealand. The woman, who has touched the ground in more than 100 countries, is working part-time in those countries. She also came to Bangladesh during her work break. Go back to work again. And go out into the world with a backpack on your back like a little tortoise. 

This tortoise tour of Azmeri is not a pleasant trip at all. A lot of adventure. She is an extreme traveller. Not only the beauty of nature, but she also touches the beauty of man. Get into human culture. Dive comes from culture and history. 

With all that blue sea and some hot air. It doesn’t take much more than that to make a wave in Asma’s heart.

And whatever She wants, the love of the people of the country. Because She loves the country. She has not taken a passport from New Zealand for so many years. He just wants to have a green passport. 

There is another story behind Asma’s insistence. Find out from him, ‘It was 2010 then. I visited Vietnam. I remember the day is February 9th. I was detained at the immigration for six and a half hours that day only because of my Bangladeshi passport.’ 


If you have a Bangladeshi passport, why do you have to stay stuck for six and a half hours? 

‘Because many countries cannot trust green passports. Many Bangladeshis stay in that country while travelling with green passports. So in some countries, it is doubtful to see a green passport.’ 

Kazi Asma Azmeri said of what happened to her in Vietnam, “I was detained by the Vietnam Immigration Police for 23 hours. There was a lot of anger in my mind then. I fell asleep crying that night. Their excuse was I didn’t get a return ticket. I didn’t book the hotel and so on. ‘ 



Kazi Asma Azmeri...



Have you faced any more obstacles with the green passport? 

‘Yes, it has to be. But all these obstacles cannot stand in my way. I went to Cyprus the same year after the Vietnam incident. The country has an on-arrival visa facility for Bangladeshis. But even after that, she did not get any discount. Learning from previous experience, this time I did not make a mistake in making hotel bookings, return tickets and bank statements. But despite all that, seeing the green passport made me suspicious.

Cyprus was not allowed to enter. The immigration officer pushed me by the throat and put me in the cage. I will never forget that shame of 26 hours inside the cage. In humiliation, I promise to travel the world with a Bangladeshi passport. I want to show that Bangladeshis go to work in other countries. You can also travel that way.’ 

How to overcome this complexity of a green passport? 

‘That’s what I’m working for. I am trying to help in improving the quality of green passports in Bangladesh. We discourage those who go abroad illegally. Be aware. I am asking you to eliminate the tendency to stay while travelling. I encourage people to travel with a green passport. ‘ 

Kazi Asma Azmeri wants to open the door of the world in front of more Bangladeshi youth. If you want to open this door easily, you need a key. And She thinks of himself as one of the makers of this key. Not only Asma, the whole country thinks this. Not only Bangladesh but the world knows him now. 

Kazi Asma Azmeri, was established around the world as a traveller. The media on the post site has reported about him. Has published the details of Azmeri’s tortoise journey.

It is natural for a person who has travelled to so many countries to be full of thrilling experiences. Asma said, there is all that. But as a woman, she didn’t have to read as much as she was supposed to. Because She was always alert. 

Even if you are careful, sometimes the traveller has to go astray. Asma described one such experience, “Once I decided to go to Poland from the Czech Republic. I was going by road. But I couldn’t figure out exactly where the road would end. After a long journey, I learned that I had moved to Morocco.’ 

It was a thrilling experience. Asma Azmeri has done solo travel. In other words, most of the world has travelled alone. Needed to team up with other travellers in some areas. Besides, his policy is to go it alone. 



Kazi Asma Azmeri...



A lonely woman under the open sky in the open world! 

Many may not dare to think so. But Asma did that. Not only does She risk being alone, she also risks hitchhiking. In travel terms, the term means to travel without fare. Although ‘hitchhiking’ is not known in Bangladesh, the word is familiar in Europe and America. 

The truck drivers there are accustomed to seeing the ‘thumb’. If a traveller raises his thumb on the side of the road. Then the driver of the truck or any other vehicle understands what it means. If the car is heading in the same direction as the destination of the traveller, then the driver picks him up. Hitchhiking is not rented from travellers. The exchange is of laughter and culture. 

Kazi Asma has hitchhiked in Georgia, New Zealand and Australia. Georgia has more adventures. However, She did not have to face danger while doing hiccup. Asma said, ‘Hitchhikers have challenges for women. I have taken up the challenge in many cases. However, good luck did not cause such embarrassment. 

Other than that, I didn’t hitchhike with anyone at night. We can talk about an incident in 2010. I was a little embarrassed to go to Turkey. I was in a car that day from 11:30 am to about 3:00 pm. The driver was behaving somewhat abnormally. Seeing his behaviour, I got out of the car.’ 

One hundred more than 15 more countries, is not a small thing. Giving a list of all of them, a large part of the report will be annoying. And even if the experience of asthma can be reported in all countries, it may be necessary to write a big book. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. 

Asma said, the desert is enchanting to her. The glittering canvas of the desert, the waves of the sand like magic. She said, ‘The most thrilling experience was in the Sahara Desert. There was a five-day trip. We had a herd of 11 camels with us. The sun is blazing over your head and the red hot sand below. A wonderful feeling. I used to ride a camel for five to six hours every day. One day the sandstorm wanted to destroy us. I was able to somehow survive by flying around my body. Yet thick sand went into his eyes. Such nourishing sand causes great pain inside the eyes. ‘ 

Azmeri said that in the Sahara desert She thought of himself as Ibn Battuta. Let’s come to the ice after the desert. Listen to him say, ‘I lived in Chicago for a while. I would go out for a walk every morning. Occasionally there was knee-deep snow in October-November. It was hard to walk. But the feeling was great. Once, on my way from London to Paris, I was struck by snow. I was able to reach Paris the next morning. Then my whole body was covered with snow.’  

Asma said, it is about another exciting time. That time was spent in Mongolia. The country belongs to nomads. With the exception of the capital, Ulaanbaatar, the settlements are almost like nomads. The people of the country graze cattle. There are two types of houses. The same in winter. It’s different in summer. Nomads have to change to get pasture for animals.

She said, ‘I went to Mongolia to see the hidden treasures of Genghis Khan’s empire. You have to go there on horseback. But Mongolians also eat horse meat. ‘School-college teenagers listen with these minds. They make their dreams with logistics from the story of Asma. 

Asma believes that one day these dreamers will conquer the world. 




Kazi Asma Azmeri...
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