Now impress loved ones by telling them beautiful shayries: know more about showing love

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Love shayari in English means the Love poem in english. Writing love poems known as Love Shayari. Love Shayari can be in many languages. Many people search for it in

Love Shayari in English has become famous very recently. Love Shayari is another way of showing love towards your partner.

There are many languages Shayari can be found. In English Shayari means poem. Love Shayari in English has increased the communication between partners.

What is love?

Love is an eternal blessing for people who feels that. Love is an emotion that increases feelings for partners. Love is a positive feeling that helps to know our partners better and become their soulmate.

Famous Authors have said, that Love has no boundaries and It connects to the soul of the person whom people love. Love is an invisible sentiment that you can only express through your action.

Feelings can’t be shown but to express!! Love has no language or particular community or religion. Loving each other taught us to be kind, caring, humble. Love counts no age or anything that can be in between.

Love has been emerging for centuries after centuries. Several famous people did many incredible things to show love towards their partners. Some sacrifice their life for not getting their loved ones.

Such as Mughal Emperor King Akbar & Jodha. Mughal Emperor another King Shahjahan built “Taj Mahal” for showing love towards her Wife “Mumtaj”.

The Famous couple named “ Romeo & Juliet” who sacrifice their life to not get together because of their community.

What actually is a love shayari

Love Shayari means the Love poem. Writing love poems known as Love Shayari. Love Shayari can be in many languages. Many people search for it in English.

English Shayari is also very beautiful for expressing love. People say that Love Shayari means to do flirt with loved ones. There are many Love Shayari in English.

Let’s see below!!

• Some love one or more than two
The person I love is you

• Teri har lafz ko maine Saraya hain
Teri har khamoshi ko maine samjha hain
Hamari pyaar ko mukammal hone ke liye
Aab duniya ke saree pyar ajmana hain

• Mind can be filled with wisdom
Eyes can be filled with Dreams
My love can be only filled with your Love
Life can be filled only with your presence

• Teri saath hain to mujhe kya fikaar hain
Jindegi ki moud pe Teri jaroorat hain
Hamesha aise hi khush rehna
Teri khushi pe meri jaan basti hain

• You don’t know how much I love you
You are dearest of my life
No matter how much the separation is
Sooner you will be my Wife

• Iyee nighaye sirf tumhe dhundti hain,
Kaisa dewanaa kiya hain tumne
Pyaar jo karte hain tumse
Apna chain kho diya hain humne

• You are the flame of my life
That shines bright like a sun
Sun gives a ray of hope
And you are the hope of mine

• Tum ho shubah shaam ki tarah
Tum ho toharo ki rounak ki tarah
Jindegi asaan ho jati hain,jab tum hoti ho
Kyunki main pyaar karta hu tumhe,
Dewaano ki tarah.

Massive ways of showing love

• Gifts- exchanging gifts shows love for partners. It’s strength the bond between partners and helps them to realise their importance for each other.

Gifts can be anything. Giving each other pretty gifts are much impressive nowadays.

• Time- Spending Quality time is the best thing to express feelings. It builds communication and bond better. Spending Quality time enables partners to understand each other.

They can express their love by spending time. Talking to each other, appreciating each other, encouraging each other can be the best thing to work out in a Relationship. Love encourages us to do positive things and become kind.

• Care means humble
Polite means sincere
Respect means Loyalty
And Love means you.

• Na gussa hona Humse Hum ,
jii nehi payenge ,
Dil Ki kaynaat Tabah Kar denge,
Pyaar Kiya he Humne Koi bewafai Nehi
Dil iye tere naam Kar Jayenge

• Rose got fragrance
Bees got honey
Love got emotions
And I got you.

• Na Koyi bhi kisi se dur jata hain
Na Koyi humari or tumhari Kareeb hota hain
Pyaar Khud chal Kar Aatee hain
Jab Koyi Kisi Ke Naseb main hota hain

• Teri haar lafz jo tune mere liye
Kahi hain woh Qubol hain,
Teri har dard joh tune mujhe
Diye hain,woh Qubol hain,
Teri pyaar se zyada Teri bewafai
Bhi mujhe Qubol hain

• Tu agar chand hain meri Aur Main Sitara
Asmaan mein ek aashiya humara hota,
Log humhe dur se dekhte,
Paas se dekhne ka haq sirf humara..

• khuda ne khubsoorat toh bohot banaya
Diyee hain haseen chehra
Chehre main jhalak aati hain pyaar bohot
Khuda janee in akhon mein raaz hain kitne

• pyaar karna tumne sikhaya
Sapna dikhana tumne sikhaya
Hosla banna tumse sikha
Sirf tumhari ilava kisi aur se
Pyaar nehi karna sikha

• Meri pagal wali mohabbat tum
bohot yaad karogee
Jab tumhe hansane wale log
Se zyada rulane wale milenge

• Khubsuraat sa ek paal jindegi ka
kissa ban jata hain
Har haseen yadeein jingegi ka
Hissa ban jata hain
Muqaddar kabhi kabhi aise pyaar vejta hain
Joh na tutnewala rishta baan jata hain

• dil ki haar mannat puri ho geyi
Jaab tum milee mujhe,
Aisa laga jindegi main
Pyaar ki haar makam puri ho geyi
Jaab pehli baar dekha tujhe

• pyaar ki panno se bhari kitab ho tum
Phool ki pankhuri se sundar ho tum
Woh log joh kehte hain ,pyaar Saccha nehi
Un logon ke liyee misaaal ho tum

Love Shayari in English and other languages are very famous nowadays. Love can help us to be humble and honest.

Love starts with honesty. As we all know that love has no boundaries, people are also showing that expressing love has also no boundaries. Many lovers even set examples to show their love.

Love has not all of the sweet memories. Sometimes it has bitter memories too.

Some love didn’t get to their destination because of many obstacles. Some even didn’t work out due to their compatibility. Love should come on both sides to work it out.

If love is one-sided, then there’s a chance to get hurt or fail. In a relationship, there’s a lot of ups and downs that partners face. They have quarrels because of different thoughts or perspectives.

Also if they don’t understand with each other, it will create a problem. Communication is very important for that. Talking to each other about their insecurities, qualities, flaws can help to come to a conclusion.

Love has to face many barriers and suffers them too. There should be an equal amount of emotions and everything. After that, it will run smoothly. Love taught us many lessons too.

To not become impulsive or immature. To become mature and handle everything wisely. Sometimes, family, the community is against from love that two people have. If God will, then both the person will be together no matter what.

Love is a lovely thread that works like a knot. Which united the lovers and their emotions together. Some people say that when people are in love, they glow differently.

Their gesture and other things have changed since they are in love. Love can be so divine until you get the right partner for yourself. It will be eternal and Forever.

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