Mahi Mahi recipe: Is it very easy to cooking ? How’s the taste of Mahi Mahi delicious recipe

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Mahi Mahi Recipe: 5 Ingredients with 4 easy Method !

Mahi Mahi recipe has been very popular among the public. As it is a fish, You can grill or steak mahi-mahi fish with some salt and pepper.

Mahi Mahi recipe has been found in the Indian Ocean, Costa Rica, Hawai. Mahi mahi has been found in salty waters.

Here you will know about what is Mahi Mahi Fish, Ingredients and the cooking part of it

What is Mahi Mahi and Mahi Mahi recipe?

Mahi Mahi is known as a common dolphinfish. It is mostly located in tropical, subtropical, shore temperature waters worldwide.

Some people call it Dorado. People confused with Salminus brasilienis which is a freshwater fish like a dolphin. Mahi Mahi belongs to a family member of Coryphanidae.

Another name is Pompano dolphinfish. Mahi Mahi name comes from the Hawaiian language.

Mahi Mahi means very strong as it comes to the procedure of republication. People relate mahi-mahi fish with dolphins.

As a fact, the use of dolphins can be misleading as it has not that many similarities with dolphins. In the Spanish way, mahi-mahi referred to the name of Dorado. In the land of malta, the mahi-mahi named a lamp uke.

Have a look at Mahi Mahi Recipe

Mahi mahi has long bodies and had a dorsal fin extending from the skull to the tail. Mature males got central forehead jutting well above the body proper.

The female fish has got a round head. There are two fins they have. One is caudal fins and another one is anal fins which are sharply concave.

Mahi mahi fish got the brightest colour in their body. The colours are golden on both sides.

There’s also bright blue and green on the side and back as well. Mahi mahi fish has that speciality to changes its colour.

Whenever the fish gets out of the water, Mahi Mahi gets a golden colour. That’s why mainly mahi-mahi named Dorado in a Spanish way. Which means golden.

Mahi mahi fish lives up to 6years. But most of them seldom exceed four years. Females are smaller than men.

Mahi mahi fish has 7 to 13 kg and meters in a length. Mahi Mahi is faster-growing fish. They spawn in the ocean. Both Male and female Mahi-mahi fish gets mature in their initial year.

That was approximately by the age of 4-5 months. Spawning can help you grow body lengths of 20 cm. Females can spawn two to three periods per year. Mahi Mahi also generates between 80,000 and 1000,000 eggs per circumstance.

These Fish are mostly live in surface water. Their flesh becomes white grey when they are fresh. After cooking, it came as attractive white with a clean and non-fishy smell. Mahi Mahi body length helps them to become fast swimmer long bodies.

How can you cook Mahi Mahi recipe? Its Ingredients

1. Butter- 3tbsp butter you will need divided. Butter will give the flavour of juicy Fish and keep it soft.

2. Extra virgin oil- you will need 2tblsp extra virgin oil. As it’s very healthy and keeps your heart rate normal, balance cholesterol levels.

3. Mahi Mahi fillets- Mahi Mahi recipe main ingredient is Mahi Mahi fillets. Which comes from Mahi Mahi fish.

4. Kosher salt- kosher salt enhance the taste of Mahi Mahi fish and balances it.

5. Pepper- You should use freshly grounded black pepper. It will spice up the taste and gives a good flavour.

6. Asparagus- 1tblsp asparagus you can use for garnish.

7. Spice- clove, garlic and minced, chilli flakes 1 lemon, sliced Zest and a juice of 1 lemon. 1tsp freshly chopped parsley, plus for more garnish.

Mahi Mahi recipe cooking part

You will need a big skillet over medium heat, add some butter and melt it with olive oil. Add some Mahi Mahi fish and season with salt and pepper.

Cook each part until it turns out golden. Approximate 4 to 5 minutes to take each side for made.

In the skillet, add the other portion of oil, add the asparagus and cook it until tender for 2 to 4 minutes. Again season with a minimum of salt and pepper. And serve it on a plate.

After doing this, in the skillet again add the remaining butter. Once it melts down, add the spices. After that add lemon juice, zest and parsley.

Stir it well so that it can mix and turns into a spicy flavour. Again return mahi-mahi, also asparagus to skillet with spoon over the sauce.

After that, Garnish with more parsley before serving.

Mahi mahi fish mainly famous for having grills. In many countries, when people have grill or barbecue party.

They prefer to do it with Mahi Mahi fish or Salmon fish. As It’s very easy to look at and gives a juicy flavour as well.

This fish mainly found in Costa Rica and America. They have Mahi Mahi fish on their regular day too. But it’s very delicious on the grill.

The lemon garlic sauce also enhances the flavour of Mahi Mahi fish. The cost of the fish is also very reasonable.

Mahi mahi recipe dominance

People prefer to buy it very much. Mahi Mahi Fish can also be cooked in the oven. It will look steam. You just need to add all kinds of spice and Mahi Mahi fish fillets.

After marination, you can give it to the oven and baked it as per amount. As it is very budget-friendly, people love to serve Mahi Mahi recipes at the dinner party.

If you want your guest to taste like a restaurant, you can go for this recipe which described upper.

The mahi mahi fish takes only 8 to 10 minutes to cook. So Whenever you are in hurry, you can just easily do it without any hassle. You can just have mahi mahi fish with brown rice, Lemon spinach orzo salad, and some veggies.

Very simple and chick yet very healthy and easy to make. Whoever loves potatoes, can add roasted potato with some spices.

It will double the taste of Mahi Mahi fish. There are also many things that you can try with Mahi Mahi fish.

Like Mahi Mahi fish with avocado salsa, Mahi Mahi fish with mango salsa, Easy lemon butter with Mahi Mahi fish, Mahi Mahi fish with spinach, broccoli Salad. Mahi Mahi fish with lemon garlic sauce and many more.

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