Villa sport: Know all about Villa Sports; From how they maintain to how you will feel

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Everybody knows that headquarters of Villa sport is located in from very since in San Rafael, California. It’s mainly a subsidiary of Syufy Enterprises.

It’s a big retailer, investor, and real estate in the United States of America. Villa sport was founded in 2007 with a large project and vision.

Around 278 employees work for Villa sport and their total revenue is 50 million dollars. Villa sport is mainly handled and owned by a family. It’s a family business of them and they run it in 6th locations of USA. Locations are :

at Beaverton, Ore;
at Colorado Springs, Colo;
one is in Cypress;
another one is Woodlands, Texas;
rest two’s are at San Jose and;
at Roseville, California. They are planning to open their seventh location in Kaly, Texas.

Villa Sports Regime

The Villa sport establish on 130,000 square feet land. Which is so luxurious and so convenient place to support your health. Once upon a time there was theater site off Highway 101.

This Redwood City is one of the big complex areas since the starting of the Bay Area. Syufy sold their theatre chain to make this growth and flow of Villa Sport. It is a family-owned company that’s why Syufy enterprise takes all the efficient decision.

What you will get over in Villa Sport

Pools specialty

Outdoor family pools stand in the big area over there. 26’ water slides are available for them. The lap pool is above 25-yard.

Outside the complex and beside the pool there are also private cabanas, structural areas, and seating areas for visitors. In the pool area, a cafe also existing. They provide a chair to stay in and enjoy.

Here also a separate pool of adults. It has 25-yard lap lanes. There also have an additional whirlpool and authority gives private space, bar, and firepit.

Two more pools are inside and this has also separate whirlpools. Inside this pool area, the authority also arranged locker room facilities.

Food & Drink

In this complex area, besides the indoor and outdoor pool, they provide 2 cafes. This cafe will feature coffee, smoothies, various kind of snacks, plus meals. Here is an area called Portland- provides flatbreads, quesadillas, included sandwiches.


Machines of 120 weight.
Heavyweight floors.
Training about the circuits.
Group classes about 180 in a week. They arrange Zumba, Pilates, barre and yoga here.
They also give facilities to play basketball over here. But here some different it’s so comfortable to play because the ground is made of the cushion.


They arrange spa so. Both males and females can take a spa. Here you take advantage of massage rooms, body treatments, facials includes waxing, spray training, pedicures. Facilities also with couples services, manicures. But here they gave some legislation. Spa services they offer to as usual guest but they need permit application and other materials to take it.


Kids can play indoor and outdoor games over here.
Infants can enjoy and pass time in a quiet room.
Area with the toddler.
Play tower in indoor.
Childcare zone for kids and parents.
Sports area to play.
Day camps.

Events management

Villa sports gives a big space to arrange and celebrate events. They also offer pinewood derby, daddy, or daughter dance. Here you can also take pleasure from egg hunt, breakfast with Santa Cruz and more special thing.

Parking lounge

Villa Sports gave an area where people can stand 567 cars in so many rows.

Offers they provide

If it’s a matter of any vacation or holiday they provide offers and bookings. You will get bookings and offers the whole year via check out their Facebook pages, tweeter, Instagram and so on.

Villa sports specialty

Villa sport athletic club and spa centre is the place where you will be able to lead the best moment for your refreshment. Family, community and people from all genre can take part in it.You can take advantage of both quality and luxury. Architectural features are so unique which will catch your eye. Unique combinations of management and service you will get over here. You will find so many unique options also to have fun here.

Children can play here indoor and outdoor games and pass time in this beautiful place. They included so many specialities on their ground. They added a Fitness area, personal training, pool facilities, Spa zone, Kids play zone, Basketball included play zone and conventions.

Villa sports are so much concern to their guest. From first to last they make so comfort and feel to their guest. They accommodate health, entertainment, fitness, and recreation overall. You will find both unique and natural features here.

Villa Sports future goal

Due to the leave of Laurie Smith, former president of Villa Sport, they are now finding a president for them from worldwide. They are searching for such a person is who is perfectly able to manage this huge company and its running projects.

Laurie did not show any exact cause and reason to leave but she says that she will no longer with Villa Sports. It’s a point to note that, she works as a president in Villa for the last 1 decade- 10 years.

Their aim to capture western America as they are running on this track. Syufy’s Vice Chairman Joseph Syufy is much optimistic to achieve a person with their requirements. They want to keep their success for the future and their growth.

Finding this enables man they hand over this work to Russell Reynolds Associates. It will search and advise them that how to work and cooperate with their upcoming company president. This association work in the whole world as a firm.

Transportation system to reach Villa sport
62 transit line is best to go Villa sport. Through the bus on these routes, you can easily reach over there. They pass nearby the Villa sport.

From Intel – D1D hills Boro, it took 40mins.
Alphabet District, Portland it took 46 mins to reach.
From Casa Del Matador, Portland it took 60 mins.
Stepping Stone Cafe, Portland it took 62 mins to reach.
From Origen Zoo, Portland it took 72mins.
Intel, RA2, Hillsboro it took 55mins.
From Break side Brewery Slab Town, Portland it took 62 mins.
Hwy 99, Tigard 64 mins.

Villa sports helping hand

In this running time, they are focusing to help the orphanage, organizations, small businesses, schools. They are also offering jobs to the youth generations and helping them with sports. Their activity is so eye-catching in the community and locally.

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